How To Approach Women In Clubs

July 28, 2008

Approach Women In ClubsClubs are fantastic places to meet gorgeous and exciting women. Girls literally swarm these places and confident men can have their pick of the crowd. So, why is it that most guys have trouble meeting women at clubs? It’s because 99% of the guys out there are approaching girls in the wrong way. They’re doomed before they take the first step forward.

If you’ve been following my advice, you should already be meeting tons of beautiful girls and getting their phone numbers. For everyone else, let’s take a look at why you’re not having success in the clubs yet.

Be Different Than Other Guys

Most guys annoy women in clubs. They approach women with their silly pickup lines or they go for the “sweet and thoughtful” angle and end up looking like wusses. You need to be different. The only thing that’s going to create attraction in the girls you meet in clubs is to be confident and in control. She doesn’t see those qualities in other guys. You can stand out by letting her see those qualities in you.

Choosing Your Targets

Some of the women that you approach won’t give you the time of day. It won’t matter how confident and in control you are. That goes with the territory in clubs, so get accustomed to it. But, develop an eye for identifying the girls who are wasting your time and the ones who’ll warm up to you after a few minutes. If a girl is rude, move on. But, if you’re talking with a girl who’s showing resistance, keep the conversation going. Show some brashness, confidence and your funny side (just like normal). Chances are, she’ll start feeling attracted to you. Choosing your targets well allows you to focus on girls you actually want to meet.

Ask For The Sale

In sales, it’s called “going for the close.” You have to ask for the sale. The same is true when meeting women. Believe it or not, there are men out there who walk up to girls in clubs, talk with them for a minute and expect them to volunteer their phone numbers. Asking for the phone number is a show of confidence. “Sales” don’t happen until you ask for them.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you want to get better at approaching women in clubs, you need to practice. Go to a club and approach every beautiful woman you see. Show confidence, a little cockiness, humor and have fun. At first, you may be horrible at it. You’ll get the cold shoulder. Who cares? You’re getting valuable experience. It doesn’t matter what the girls say or do as a result. You may even get a few phone numbers.

It won’t take long for you to master the art of meeting women in clubs and instantly igniting the attraction they feel toward you. It’s a matter of doing what other guys don’t, choosing your targets and asking for the sale.

Remember, practice makes perfect.


One Response to “How To Approach Women In Clubs”

  1. How to Approach Women Expert on August 19th, 2009 6:09 pm

    Approaching women in clubs has so many problems attached to it that I never recommend it.

    That said, some guys insist on trying to pick up women at clubs and the low hanging fruit (so to speak) are the girls who are already lubricated with alcohol.

    It helps to show up late in the night, well rested, well dressed – and totally sober.

    The other guys have already drooled on her, made their drunken approach, and gotten shot down.

    Now you can swoop in and take your best shot, hopefully looking more suave than the previous guys’ attempts.

    As you said, some girls just won’t give the time of day no matter what, but you know what they say – no risk, no reward!

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